Android 4.1 ve üstü (sanırım daha sonra 4.0.x’e de port ettiler.) ve iOS cihazlarda sesle komut vererek -bir nevi kişisel asistan olarak- kullandığımız Google Now’dan daha iyi faydalanmaya ne dersiniz? Son zamanlarda eklenen yeni özelliklerle birlikte işte tam liste:

Not: Bazı özellikler yalnızca Amerika’da iş gördüğünü söylememe gerek yok sanırım.

Basic Commands

  • “Search for [Nexus 5]“
  • “How do I say [I love you] in [French]?”
  • “How old is [Morgan Freeman]?”
  • “What is the stock price for [Google]?”
  • “What is the meaning of [life]?”
  • “What is [Chekhov’s Gun]?”
  • “Open [Gmail]“
  • “Take a picture”
  • “Record a video”
  • “Where’s my package?”
  • “Listen to voicemail”
  • “Find [Adam’s] number”
  • “When is [Adam’s] birthday?”
  • “What’s the tip for [$27]?”
  • “How late is [The Home Depot] open?”
  • “What are [Red Robin’s] hours?”
  • “Show me pictures of [Memphis]“
  • “What’s [16 ounces] in [pounds]?”
  • “What is the square root of 2209?”
  • “When is sunset?”


  • “Navigate to [Cleveland, OH]“
  • “Navigate to [home]“
  • “Directions to [123 Main Street]
  • “[Biking] directions to [FedEx Forum]“
  • “Find [the St. Louis Arch]“
  • “Where is [the Empire State Building]?”
  • “Where’s the nearest [ice cream shop]?”
  • “Map of [San Francisco]“
  • “How far is [Cleveland] from [Columbus]?”
  • “Show me the menu for [Rendezvous]“
  • “Where is my hotel?”
  • “What are some attractions in [Memphis]?”

Reminders, Notes, and Tasks

  • “Remind me to [call mom] at [9:00AM]“
  • “Remind me to [buy gas] when leave [work]“
  • “Set timer for [10 minutes]“
  • “Set alarm for [7:000AM]“
  • “Wake me up in [6 hours]“
  • “Note to self: [remember to buy Cheese]“

Time and Date

  • “What time is it in [Japan]?”
  • “What is the time zone for [Denver, CO]?”
  • “What time is back home?”
  • Create a calendar event [Dinner at Red Robin] [on Friday night at 9:00PM]“


  • “Weather”
  • “Is it raining?”
  • “Will it rain tomorrow?”
  • “Do I need an umbrella [tomorrow]?”
  • “What’s the weather in [Las Vegas]?”


  • “Did the [Cavaliers] win today?”
  • “When does the football season start?”
  • “What are the [American League East] standings?”
  • “How did [The Packers] do?”


  • “Post to Google+ [I am having an awesome day!]“
  • “Call [mom]“
  • “Call [my wife]“
  • “Send SMS to [Shawn Collins] [I will see you in a week]“
  • “Send email to [Adam Pollich] [I need you to call me as soon as possible.]“
  • “[Contact name]“


  • “Play some music.”
  • “Watch [The Hobbit]“
  • “What movies are playing tonight?”
  • “Where is [Godzilla] playing?”
  • “Listen to: [John Lennon]“
  • “Play: [Everybody Hurts]“
  • “What’s this song?”
  • “Who directed [Stand By Me]?”
  • “Who sings [Everybody Hurts]?”
  • “Listen to TV”


  • “Go to []“
  • “Open []“
  • “Show me []“
  • “Browse to []“


  • “Show me my flights”
  • “Flight [AA 1230]“
  • “Has [AA 1230] landed?”
  • “When will [AA 1230] land/depart?”

Easter Eggs and Fun Stuff

  • “What does the fox say?”
  • “What is the loneliest number?”
  • “Do a barrel roll”
  • “How wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?”
  • “Beam me up, Scotty”
  • “When does the narwhal bacon?”
  • “Up up down down left right left right”
  • “Go go gadget [Baconreader]“
  • “What is the Bacon number for [Tom Cruise]?”
  • “Tilt”
  • “Askew”
  • “When am I?”
  • “Who are you?”
  • “Sudo, make me a sandwich”
  • “Make me a sandwich”
  • What is your favorite color?
  • “Tea, Earl, Grey, hot”


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